Covid-19 Information

Hello Folks,

Wool Town is fortunate to be OPEN in beautiful downtown Bend, Oregon. You can help like this:
  • Masks required for people age 5 and older  - Yep! We are still doing the mask thing!  Please make sure your face mask covers both your nose and mouth properly and wear the entire time you are at Wool Town.  Face shields are not recommended, please see more information from Oregon Health Authority here.
  • Limit help sessions to 10 minutes
    • We can help with dropped stitches or other craft questions briefly.    We must limit this time for exposure and capacity reasons.
  • Limited yarn winding
    • If you purchase yarn that needs wound into a ball we may ask that you come to retrieve your yarn later.  Again, we are trying to limit exposure and meet capacity requirements.
I am incredibly sorry to have to limit your experience in these ways.  It goes against many things I have learned in my 15 years in retail and it is not ideal for anyone.  However, my priority must be to stay within compliance of Oregon law, protect my employees and myself, and create the safest possible experience at Wool Town.  Thank you so much for understanding!